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1. Why is an aged/shelf corporation necessary to apply for a business loan? It is not required that you use an aged/shelf corporation. But our corporations allow you immediate business history to meet lender minimum requirements. The majority of lenders will not accept a business credit application if you have not been in business at least 2 years. 2. What are the other benefits to owning an aged/shelf corporation? • No need to wait 2 years to get funding for your business. • Create a solid corporate profile (D & B) as an alternative to using your personal file, and typically higher amounts are approved with corporate funding. • Protect assets and facilitate estate planning. • Instantly qualify to bid on government contracts. • More credibility with prospective customers, partners, and your suppliers. • Expand your International/Online business into the United States instantly and effectively. 3. Can I change the corporation name, or use my existing business name? You can use your business trade (or fictitious) name as a “DBA” (Doing Business As) listed after the corporation name. We do not recommend changing the corporate name as it would be considered a new corporation. 4. Should I register my corporation as a C Corp or S Corp? To avoid state corporate income taxes we recommend an S Corp over a C Corp. You will be taxed at the personal rate instead of the corporate rate, thus completely avoiding state corporate income tax and benefit from lower personal income tax levels, regardless of the state where the aged/shelf corporation is from. 5. How do I keep my corporate accounts separate from my personal file? One key step is using a separate credit card for purchases made by the LLC (or corporation). Corporate cards for big businesses sometimes come with “commercial liability,” where the company is considered fully responsible for the debt. On the other hand, most small business credit cards offer “joint and several” liability. This is where you, as an individual, share responsibility for the business debts with your corporation. Check your account contract details as each lender varies in terms. 6. What can I expect from the team of experts at Incorporation Station? All our Corporations are clean, dormant aged/shelf corporations with no debt, lawsuits, or employees. We only deliver companies that will quickly fund your business project by applying our proven financing methods and techniques we have utilized for decades. WE DELIVER EVERYTHING YOU NEED GET YOUR BUSINESS LOANS APPROVED AND FUNDED FAST!